Basic dog training.

Cannan_Dog_SittingHaving a dog can be a great experience, but having a disobedient dog can be a nightmare.

Before getting a dog, you should read up on dog breeds to understand which one will fit in your lifestyle. Then you must discuss this issue with all members of the family in your household.

It can be helpful to take a class in dog obedience training, but you can do the training yourself. You need the right attitude, patience and every member of the “live in” family must follow your lead.

Dogs don’t understand word communication, they learn by association, so keep the commands short. The easiest dog obedience command your dog can learn quickly is to “Sit”.

With your dog standing and facing you, hold a dog treat close to his nose, moving your hand up and slightly back. Your dog should follow the treat which will also cause the hind quarters to squat lower. Once the dog is in the sitting position, say “Sit”, give him the treat and affection.

Important: When in training mode, keep the affection to a good pat and good dog, but not in an excited tone. That may confuse the dog to think you want to play.

Repeat the process, not more that 2 or 3 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day for best results. Repeating excessively may confuse the dog or make it lose interest.

After a few sessions, the dog will associate the word “Sit” without the treats, with the action. At this point, keep using the command daily, with the appropriate affection.

When you are playing with your dog, you can give it all the silliness affection you want because, It’s Playtime!

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