Dog Crates  For Canadian Shoppers

Thank you for shopping for dog crates at Although we advertize dog crates sold in the US, some Canadian Shoppers prefer to buy from a Canadian Source to avoid high shipping costs. Check out the links below for dog crates for Canadian Shoppers.


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Folding Dog Crates

Folding Dog Crates

The standard wire folding dog crates are still a favorite among dog owners. These kennels are easy to clean, easy to transport and sturdy enough for small to large dog breeds.

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Soft Sided Dog Crates Carriers

Soft Sided Dog Crates - Carriers

Soft Sided Dog Crates and Carriers are versatile, easy to transport and comfortable for your dog. Comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

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auto pet Carriers

Auto Pet Carriers

Auto Pet Carriers make it easy and safe to transport your pet with you whenever you want. The dog crate has plenty of ventillation to keep your dog cool during the ride.

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Pet Bike Basket

Pet Bike Basket

A Pet Bike Basket offers great advantages for the Pet Owner Cyclist. You can safely take your small dog with you on your next bicycle adventure.

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