What dog breed is best for you

dog breedWhat dog breed a person prefers is unique to each and every one of us. Some pet owners like large breed dogs, others enjoy a small breed dog. One thing for sure, there are dogs types out there that will make everybody a happy puppy owner.

Dog breed information is available in books, online and from your local pet store or dog breeder. They will offer help choosing dog breed, but if you want to shy away from a temperament dog, you may want to stay away from certain breed. Before choosing a breed, do research or you may end up with a different dog than you set out to find.

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Choosing a breed could be influenced by the dogs you have been accustomed to. By going to a dog kennel club, you can check out some dog characteristics. They can show you different large dog breed and even mixed breeds. They may even offer you rescue pets. You can tell them which dog breed you prefer and ask them if they have any dog breed information available.

You may want to stay away from puppy mills. They breed different dogs for their own purpose. They sometimes breed cross dogs for special customers. You could end up with a temperament dog or a breed cross dog. You may witness different dog types and dog characteristics you may not care for. Your best bet for a dog breed of quality genes is your local well known dog breeder, ask for references.

The best dog breeds offer good dog DNA. Some breeders know that a dog breed test can reveal how good their dog bloodline is. No matter what breed dog you choose, there are certain ailments you may want to be aware of. If you acquire a rescue pet, the dog health history may not be available. You can request a dog test at the veterinarian that may indicate the obvious disorder your puppy breed may have. Dogs with long ears usually have some issues, so you may want to check the dog ears more often for infections.

When choosing the largest dog breed, you must be aware that the dog weight is dependant on what you feed it and how you exercise your pet. Breeds of large animals make fine pets where they have room to run and play. The small breed dog can adapt to smaller living quarters like an apartment in town.

Dogs breed whenever they can where they run wild, these become breeds of their own, Heinz 57 as they are known. This dog breed has been known to produce great family pets. The choices are endless, good luck in your search. Remember to ask questions, get referrals and check them out. Your dog will live with you for up to 20 years, depending on the breed. Treat this commitment with respect.

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