How much does a dog cost?

how much does a dog costHow much of your dog care costs are attributed to the 50 billion dollar pet care industry?  Manage Dog Care Costs by following these 8 Basic Steps to a happy and healthy dog.

Today, a lot of families have one or more dogs as pets.  The cost of caring for dogs include food, grooming, dog boarding, dog sitting, dog walking, doggie day care and finally vet bills...

How much does a dog cost is a valid question, especially if you are on a tight budget.  Having and caring for a dog is a long term commitment, so let's get to the 8 basic steps to manage dog care costs.

Dog Breed:  Adopting a dog from a local rescue can be a cost saving move.  First, get confirmation about up to date vaccines, vet records, pre existing conditions before taking a dog home.

 Training:  A dog looks for leadership and discipline to enjoy a balanced happy life.  It is a dog owners responsibility to aquire the Dog Training Skills necessary to accomplish this.

 Feeding:  Buying premium quality dog food can be costly.  Learn how to make healthy dog food can save you money.  If you shop at  PetSmart, ask about their rewards programs.

 Grooming:  Dogs need to be clean, but they don't need to be bathed too often.  Regular brushing, nail clipping, deshedding and dog care products are required to complete these tasks.

 Health:  Dogs need protection from ticks and fleas.  Visits at the vet is preventive care that can save on bigger medical issues.

 Exercise:  Some dog need more exercise than others.  Daily walks, playing fetch and playing in the backyard will help keep your dog healthy at relatively low cost.  Dog toys can be simple as using a stick to play outside.

 Housing:  Dogs need a place to rest away from house traffic, elements, drafts and noise.  Dog crates offer a safe place a dog can call "his space".  Include a pet bed for comfort.

 Dog Id:  Every community has regulations concerning dog ownership.  Attach the liscence and dog ID on the dog's collar.  Some dog owners use microchip or a tattoo for identification.

Be a responsible dog owner, spay or neuter your pet!