Dog Crate FAQs

The 3 most common questions dog owners ask...

1. What are the advantages of having a Dog Crate Cage?

Best Pet Crates Dogs in the wild have an instinct to own a den where they can feel safe and secure. This is also where they will give birth and care for their young. They will keep this den clean and keep guard over it just like our pet dogs guard over our/their home.

Adding a Dog Crate in your house for your dogs is a great way to thank your pet for this protection. As a pet owner, I know the feeling of having a happy dog that cares for his pack. Pet comfort and safety is our responsibility.

Dog Crates are used for providing pet comfort as mentioned above. They are also used for travel. Whether traveling in your vehicle, public bus or airline travel, a Dog Crate is necessary for your pet comfort and safety.

2. What options should I consider when buying a crate?


Dog Crate Airline ApprovedAirline Crates For Dogs

There are many options to consider when choosing a Dog Crate. Although not all Dog Crates are approved for airline travel, the ones that are may be labeled as such. Verification with the airlines will give you guidelines to follow to assure conformity.



Dog Crate Multiple DoorsDog Crate Multiple Doors

is a very important feature to consider. Most Crates have a door in the front, while other models offer as many as a 4 Door Dog Crate configuration. Dog Crate Doors, and where these crate doors are positioned on the crate gives you access to your dogs and access to the inside of your crate for cleaning. All dog crates have front doors but some also feature a side, a top door or both. These additional doors come in handy for traveling and allow continuous access to your pet.


Dog Crate Divider Panel

Dog Crate Divider Panels

are important when fitting a large breed puppy dog in a Dog Crate. The crate divider panel can be set inside the crate to allow the right space for your puppy. The divider can be moved according to the growth of your dog. If a Dog Crate is too big for puppies, it may be harder to potty train. Allowing the puppies too much room in a Dog Crate may not discourage them to soil in a corner.


Protable Dog Crates

Portable Dog Crates

Portability is always an issue when a Dog Crate is used for Travel. There are many designs of Plastic Dog Crates, Wire Crates and Soft Dog Crates to choose from. Most crates have handles or shoulder straps on them to offer easy handling. The bigger Crates may have wheels on one end and a handle on the other end to allow moving these crates for cleaning purposes.


3. Which Dog Crate accessories are necessary for my dog comfort?


Dog Crate Water Dispenser

Dog Crate Water Dispenser 

Food & Water Dispensers are a must for a Dog Crate, especially when traveling. These accessories are made especially to fit inside the Crates and may have anti spilling features.




Dog Crate CoversDog Crate Covers

A Dog Crate Cover may offer your dog the feeling of being in a den, especially at night. It offers your dog daytime privacy; essentially when you may have guests at the house. When using a Dog Crate Cover, be careful to allow enough ventilation for your dog, especially on warm days.




Bedding Dog Crate PadsBedding Crate Pads

Bedding Crate Pads add to your pet comfort. Choose one that has a good fit and a Crate Pad that can be removed for cleaning.

As a responsible Dog owner, take steps to assure your Dog’s safety when leaving them in a Dog Crate, unattended, for any amount of time. A Dog Crate should never be used as punishment or for correcting behaviors.

Let’s Keep Our Pets Safe!

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