Dog Crate Training Benefits

dog crate training benefitsDog Crate Training is a well known process used to mimic a dog’s den where wild animals find comfort and security. This den substitute becomes familiar surroundings for your dogs, especially when you are travelling. There are many other benefits for you and your dog.

Dog Crate Training is widely used as an aid for potty training. Most dogs will not soil their den in the wild. This behavior is an instinct that the domestic dog carries as well.

During this training routine, the dog must be taken outside at appropriate times to relieve itself. This may be a good time to encourage your dog to do this in a special area. Praise or treats for good behavior is encouraged at this stage.

The use of Crate Barriers should be considered to keep the area of the Dog Crate adequate enough for the dog to be comfortable, but not too big to encourage them to soil in a corner. A Dog Bed and dog toys may add comfort during this stage. With time, your dog will seek the safety and comfort of his Dog Crate Imitation Den.

Dog Crate Training

can also help in times when you decide to travel. Whether you decide to bring your dog with you or leave them with friends of family, the security of their Dog Crate will give them a sense of home.

The Crate will also keep them safe during travel, should you decide to bring them with you. An airline approved dog crate is a must for air travel. Always check with the Airline before boarding time to confirm that the intended Dog Crate is approved.

Should you dog ever need an overnight stay at a vet or hospital, it will be much less stressed if it is already Crate Trained. Another situation where Crate Training could put your dog at ease is leaving them at a boarding kennel during vacation or emergencies. A dog that has been Crate Trained will be less stressed and likely to try to run away under those circumstances.

Although we are Dog Lovers, we all know friends or relatives who are afraid of our pets. A well Crate Trained dog will happily go to his den on command during house gatherings or parties.  Frightened friends will feel much more at ease if the dogs are constrained. This could also stop your dog, especially if they are runners, to dash out when the door opens as your friends come and go.

Dog Crate Training offers rewards for you or your dogs as mentioned above. There are many other advantages not covered in this memo. Crate Training is NOT for purposes of keeping a dog caged for long periods of time, nor for punishing your pet. Explore the positive benefits of Dog Crate Training and consider the comfort and safety of your dogs.

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