What are Dog Crates

Dog Crates should be considered as a safe haven for your dog. Animals in the wild find or build dens for security and comfort. It is a natural behavior for dogs to nestle under or near objects.

A Dog Crate offers a dog the protection of a simulated den.  What matters is HOW the dog is introduced to his new home. The dog crate door may be left opened during the introduction stages.

Food, water and toys that are placed inside the dog crate may entice the animal to enter at their own pace. Animals have a natural urge to keep their den clean, so this behavior can be used as an advantage for pet housebreaking.

Dog Crates are made of plastic, steel wire or wood. There are pet crates made for traveling, for indoor or outdoor use. The correct crate size is important for the pet to feel comfortable.

Large dog crates take up a lot of room and small crates can hinder your pet’s movements.  A crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up in it without touching the top. The dog needs to be able to turn around and lie down comfortably.

Dividers can be installed while introducing a puppy to his new home until he is full grown. This way, a dog owner will not need to purchase different size cages to follow the growth of their pet.

Description of Dog Crate Styles

Dog Crate FurnitureDog Crate furniture is gaining in popularity as they are decorative and stylish. These dog crates are used as nightstands in the pet owner’s bedroom. Pets can now have their own place in the bedroom without taking over the bed.


Plastic Dog CratesDog plastic crates are molded as a two piece unit that can be used half opened or assembled. Ventilation holes allow air circulation through the cage. A dog plastic crate is very popular for pet transportation. All crates used in air travel must be approved by the airline, seek this confirmation before boarding time.


Midwest Dog CrateA steel dog wire crate is built in sections that can fold down. These wire cages may be sturdy enough to resist chewing. A sturdy cage may offer better options, and may be built with heavier gauge wire. These cages will fold better for transportation and will offer better ventilation.


Dog Crate CoverCrate Covers can provide a secure sanctuary for your pets at home or when traveling. An insulated crate cover will keep your pet warmer when travelling. It may also keep your pet safe from direct sunlight, wind and bugs while being transported.

When a crate is used properly, to keep a dog safe until it is trustworthy, for housebreaking or for traveling, it may be good for you and the pet. When a dog crate is used to punish an animal or in some form of detention abuse, it will cause distress to the pet.

Dog Soft CrateThe dog soft crate is another option for your pet. These soft crates can be used for transporting your pet in and out of vehicles. A soft crate hitting the car door will not damage the paint. A soft crate will also not rock around the vehicle as much, keeping your pet more comfortable.

Dog crates should be cleaned periodically. Simply remove the dog crate door, disassemble the plastic, steel, or dog soft crate and wash as required. The dog crate furniture door may not have clip on/off removal clips like the wire crate, the dog plastic crate or the soft crate. Dog crate furniture should be cleaned like any other wood furniture in you household.

Let’s Keep Our Pets Safe!

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